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  • Rodney Collings

October 14 2023 Flyfishing for Mac Tuna around the Hinchinbrook Islands.

Glamour weather and glassed out seas, we had to get out and check out the Islands off Hinchinbrook. Paul had never caught Tuna before so we set out on a mission to hunt them down. We cruised around the Hinchinbrook Islands searching for the busting schools of Tuna. It was great fun in perfect conditions and after a bit of looking around we managed to get a few to the boat. Flyfishing for Mac Tuna around the Hinchinbrook Islands is great fun and requires a speedy cast putting the fly in front of fast moving fish, they pull a heap of backing and don't give up easily. White Clousers getting the bites.

Mac Tuna on fly, Mac Tuna, Hinchinbrook flyfishing.
Mac Tuna for Paul.

Flyfishing, Mac Tuna. Tuna on Fly,
Mac Tuna pulling pretty hard.

During the right tide we searched the flats for Tuskies. Paul had quite a few shots but didn't come tight on a big Blue Tractor. The water clarity was amazing.

Tuskfish on fly, Tuskfish, Hinchinbrook,
Hunting for Tuskfish

Then more Mac Tuna the next day.

Flyfishing for Tuna. Tuna on fly. Hinchinbrook flyfishing. Flyfishing Queensland.
Got this one beat!


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